Life is Busy…

Whether you’re a stay at home mum, a doctor, lawyer, sportsman or office worker, life is hectic.

How many times a day do you hear people say… ‘I can’t believe it’s Friday already.’ I know I say it myself, time just disappears, and the older you get, the more precious time becomes.

I recently visited the beautiful French Riviera, where my wife and I spent quality time doing things we have always wanted to do. We sat on the beach, eating pizza as the sun set, walked the stunning promenade as other walkers and cyclists strode by, and drank wine on the waterfront watching as a myriad of yachts sail by.

I consider myself very fortunate, as my life is busy with things I love doing, writing in particular. My writing allows me to escape and create new and magical worlds, where I can set the pace, be it frantically busy, or chilled and relaxed.

So, from one fellow crazy busy person to another, take 5 for yourself, relax with a great book, plan a getaway, and spend time with the people you love – enjoy!

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