Winnie the Pooh Day….

He’s a childhood favourite, the cute, cuddly yellow bear that loves honey, is a little naïve and is incredibly friendly and thoughtful. Pooh is charming and comforting, and an all-time favourite. 

How brilliant was A. A. Milne when he first created the wonderful character in 1926. I wonder if he ever dreamed that 93 years later, people around the world would still be in love with Pooh, with millions of books, cuddly toys and collectables being sold each year. 

Pooh’s best friend is Christopher Robin, whom he spends much of his time with, followed closely by Piglet, the cute pink pig and the ever-bouncing Tigger, but Pooh’s friendship doesn’t end there.  His kind-heartedness means he goes out of his way to be friendly to Eeyore, the somewhat pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, old grey stuffed donkey. Pooh often visits him, brings him birthday presents and even builds him a house, despite receiving mostly disdain from Eeyore in return. 

We can all learn a lot from Winnie the Pooh. Despite being perceived as a bit slow, his huge heart and kind heartedness is a lesson to us all to be kind and loving to those around us. 

Pooh is also a talented poet. His stories are frequently punctuated by his poems and “hums.” Although he is humble about his slow-wittedness, he is comfortable with his creative gifts. Yet again another lesson that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Any character that can bring a smile to your face, evoke wonderful childhood memories and give endless hours of happiness for countless years, is all good in my book. 

So to kids of all ages, young and those that are young at heart, I encourage you to embrace Winnie the Pooh Day, give your Pooh a big hug, and if you haven’t got your very own Pooh, go and treat yourself to one, after all, we are all kids at heart. 

Happy Winnie the Pooh Day!

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